Amiga Machine Code Course

Bill Bertram 2006, CC-BY-2.5

Here you’ll find my complete set of posts covering the Amiga Machine Code course.

Some readers have mentioned that the course confuses machine code with assembly code.

In a way they are absolutely right. Machine code is the binary representation the computer consumes, while assembly code is a textual representation, more suited for humans.

Several books from the early days of home computing, used machine code in their title, but none of them focused only on the programs in their binary form. Rather, they also used assembly code, carefully explaining, the mapping from assembly code to machine code along the way.

Machine code covers

I have choosen to stick with the original name of the course to stay true to the source. I know this can be confusing, but I hope you can live with this.

The first posts do a lot of analysis of assembly mnemonics down to the machine code level, which is as close as the programmer can come to the bare metal on the Amiga. As we go through the letters, the posts will be more and more assembler focused.

I hope you enjoy the course 😃

The course consists of twelve letters and two disks, that can be found here. The letters are available as PDF’s in their original danish language as well as translated to english.


Letter I

Letter II

Letter III

Letter IV

Letter V

Letter VI

Letter VII

Letter VIII

Letter IX

Letter X

Letter XI

Letter XII

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